New Pallets

Our machines assemble the pallets to the customers' exact specifications. Customers may give their required pallet descriptions along with the load carrying requirements of the pallets. We design the pallet board configuration, specify the wood species requirements to handle the load, and determine the exact load carrying capability. The pallets are then automatically stacked, ready for loading into trailers for delivery to our customers.

Used (Recycled) Pallets

We buy and sell used pallets. We salvage good boards from otherwise worthless wood and use the recovered boards to repair other broken pallets. The boards along with the valueless pallets are put through a large grinder which then nail them together.

Heat Treated Pallets

We are certified to sell pallets manufactured from heat treated lumber in accordances with International Plant Protection Convention Standards .This process is widely recognized to destroy any pests that could be harmful to forests. Heat treating pallets in preparation for International use is the most environmentally safe method available.

Used Heat Treated Pallets

We also offer used heat treated bug free pallets. We salvage good boards from old and sometimes borken heat treated pallets and use the recovered boards to repair other broken heat treated pallets.

Custom Pallets

We also design pallets according to customers' exact specifications and requirements. Our system enables us to use optimum amount of wood for the loading of strengthening the pallet at its weakest point.

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